Oedolgae Rock (Jeju)

Talk a walk down the Olle Trail of Jeju Island and you come across Oedolgae Rock (외돌개). We set off on our first day towards the Seogwipo Port and Oedolgae was one of the sites we stumbled on. Erosion has slowly left this rock standing as an island alone – probably why its name means ‘Solitary Rock’ or ‘Lonely Rock’. 😭 Kinda sad to think … Continue reading Oedolgae Rock (Jeju)

Oh Dear Heavens to Betsy!

These Chinese tomb guardians always tickle my funny bone 😂 They look like the zhombie ghost has already arisen and it’s a REALLY bad hair day. The horror in their eyes! 😂😂 Check out these cute guys in the Chinese exhibition at Seoul National Museum! The weather is perfect right now! Cost: Free 🤑 Directions: Ichon Metro Station, Exit 2. Follow the signs to take … Continue reading Oh Dear Heavens to Betsy!

Chinese Kitchen God Festival

Today (January 17th) is the ‘Little Chinese New Year‘ – also known as the Kitchen God Festival (北方小年)! It’s the day to start the preparations for the Chinese New Year and the lunar festival. There are two versions of the Chinese holiday: 北方小年 or Běifāng xiǎo nián which represents the ‘Little Year’ to the north. Celebrated on January 17, 2020. 南方小年 or Nánfāng xiǎo nián … Continue reading Chinese Kitchen God Festival