Oedolgae Rock (Jeju)

Talk a walk down the Olle Trail of Jeju Island and you come across Oedolgae Rock (외돌개).

We set off on our first day towards the Seogwipo Port and Oedolgae was one of the sites we stumbled on. Erosion has slowly left this rock standing as an island alone – probably why its name means ‘Solitary Rock’ or ‘Lonely Rock’. 😭 Kinda sad to think about but beautiful to see.

The large overlook beside the rock reveals not only Oedolgae, but many other islands as well. The area is covered in flora — reeds, bushes, grass, rapeseed, etc. You can just imagine people of historic times standing there looking off into the distance. . . waiting for loved ones and treasures to arrive. Perhaps it was the meeting place of lovers. . . or a child watching for their father to return from abroad.

The waters are a bright jeweled blue and green — stunning as it crashes against the cliffs and slips into the hidden caves lining the shore.

Apparently, this was also the location of Lady Han San Goong’s death in the 2003 Korean Drama ‘Jewel in the Palace‘ (episode 27). 😭 The drama is also called Daejanggeum (대장금) and was very well known back in the day.

Directions (🧭):

Option 1 – Oedolgae (외돌개) –> Point 2 on Image Below

If you’re lucky, you can catch bus 615 or 692 to Oedolgae Station. It’s the closest, but the buses aren’t always frequent. Pick a trail and head down towards the ocean. When you reach the Olle Trail that walks along the water, head right and follow the trail until you get to Oedolgae

Option 2 Sammaebong (삼매봉) –> Point 1 on Image Below

Take a bus to Sammaebong Station in Seogwipo, Jeju Island. You will see a road headed downhill towards the ocean. . . you need to walk for a while — maybe 8-10 minutes. You’ll see a parking lot with little shops selling fruit, snacks, and drinks. You’ll see Oedolgae Station and can get the trail there.

Point 3 is the best view of Oeldolgae 🌄😊

One thought on “Oedolgae Rock (Jeju)

  1. Well, firstly, sorry you are stuck in Jeju for now. But also, way to make lemonade out of lemons and go exploring! Such beautiful landscape. 🙂 I’ve never made it to Jeju when I visited S. Korea years ago. It’s on the list now! Take care and keep exploring, while social distancing 🙂


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