Chinese BBQ

Hey guys! Haven’t had a chance to update yet, we’re working on the post now – but L. is BACK IN CHINA! 🇨🇳 Yep, after 29 days of mandatory, government-monitored, in-hotel quarantine and another week of self-quarantine, she has settled in and is back to life as usual. 🥰 Yesterday she got a chance to… Continue reading Chinese BBQ

Let’s Fly!

Good news (we hope) – L. has been approved for travel & the tickets are bought! 💺 She flies to LA on the 18th – then COVID testing for a few days . . . and then on to China! Then COVID testing again 😷 Once there she’ll spend four weeks in quarantine at a… Continue reading Let’s Fly!

Sugar Cane Juice

Creating Sugar Cane juice at a street stall in Chinatown, Incheon, Korea 🥤 They sell it in a bag for you to sip as you walk along. We tried it! Tasted like watermelon juice! 😊 What’s the strangest drink you’ve ever tried? Continue reading Sugar Cane Juice

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