Warehouse BBQ Co. & Brewhouse (Ottumwa, Iowa)

Last night we checked out the Warehouse BBQ Co. & Brewhouse in Ottumwa, Iowa 🥳The restaurant features a menu heavy on the smoked meats with pulled pork, brisket, & chicken. Appetizers like nachos & onions were followed by sandwiches & platter options. As their motto goes: ‘The diet starts on Monday!’Light atmosphere accompanied by friendly staff creats a great ‘night out with your crew’ ambiance. We didn’t try a brew, but the food was excellent. Pricey ($30 for two sandwiches, sides, + drink). . .but delicious 🍻We particularly liked the condiment set-up 😂. You choose from 4 BBQ sauces and pull the teats like milking a cow 🐮If you want to check them out, they are on the north side of town along Business 63:2818 N Ct St, Ottumwa, IA 52501It was a fun stop on our way to renew driver’s licenses. A little too expensive for us to get dinner AND drinks, but it wpuld be a great place to grab your friends and share some snacks ‘n drinks

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