G2 Hotel Myeongdong 🛏

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When the university warned us all returning faculty to China would have to undergo 14 days of isolation with out the chance to go get food (‘vegetables will be provided’) — our ‘vacation’ in Korea was promptly extended 😂

We already posted our less than lovely abode in Myeongdong at the Merlin Hotel, so pretty clear we wanted to find a new, slightly MORE lovely abode if we were gonna be staying another month. Not living with permanent back pain from torture was our ambitious, but hopeful quest. 😎

While looking for our next erm. . . economy? 🤔 dirt cheap? . . . destination, we stopped by the G2 Hotel Myeongdong for a night out. We were filtering results by ‘bed review’ and these popped up:

‘The bed was great’ . . . We were hooked! 😍🥰🥳

What We Were Looking For: Good Value for the Money, Short Stay, Nice Bed! We really wanted something in the area with a decent bed, good breakfast, and potential laundry options.

Conclusion: 😊 (4 out of 5 stars)

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Destination: Jeju Island!

Life as a Corona Virus Nomad With both the US listing China 🐼 on threat level ‘don’t go‘ and our employer recommending ‘stay away until further notice‘ . . . the message seemed pretty clear even for those of us who sometimes miss the signs. 🧐 So once our Dongdaemun hotel (review coming!) reservation was expiring, we turned our eagle eyes to something much. . … Continue reading Destination: Jeju Island!

View of the Jeju Coast

😮 😮 😮 😀 👏 👏 😊 😍 Wow! My hotel has very beautiful view!! $15 per night is so cheap – but the view is 💕 💕 💕 WOAH! We just lucked into this. Trying to save money, we found a super cheap hotel on Jeju Island and tickets were only $25 to fly there. More to the whole fun excursion later – but … Continue reading View of the Jeju Coast

Myeongdong Merlin Hotel 🛏

When planning our upcoming trip to Seoul, we recently decided to stay at the Myeongdong Merlin Hotel near Chungmuro Station.

What We Were Looking For: Low Cost, Good Value, Suitable for 2 weeks. We really wanted a washer for laundry and a kitchenette so we could stay healthy and save money on meals.

The building where the hotel is located

Conclusion: (2 out of 5 stars)

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