The Waves Rise Up to Meet You

Today we’re fondly remembering Jeju Island in all of its glory! We were hoping to be able to return next month since Americans can still visit S. Korea visa-free for 90days. However we then learned the two week quarantine at government facilities can cost as much as $2,000 per person. On top of flights, that’s not realistic. So we’re looking elsewhere in Asia for now. … Continue reading The Waves Rise Up to Meet You

First Day in Jeju on the Olle Trail

After the adventure that was our trip to Jeju, we were really excited about this trip to the lovely island home of the famous Jeju oranges! We crashed the first night, and it was much too dark to see anything when we arrived. But our first morning, we woke up pretty early. 🌼🌷🌴 A window had been left open, so we were frozen to the … Continue reading First Day in Jeju on the Olle Trail

Destination: Jeju Island!

Life as a Corona Virus Nomad With both the US listing China 🐼 on threat level ‘don’t go‘ and our employer recommending ‘stay away until further notice‘ . . . the message seemed pretty clear even for those of us who sometimes miss the signs. 🧐 So once our Dongdaemun hotel (review coming!) reservation was expiring, we turned our eagle eyes to something much. . … Continue reading Destination: Jeju Island!