The Wild Preserves of Mark Twain Lake

With the wind caressing my shoulders and the sun warming my face, let nature take its course for I am fearless as the wild oaks of old. We stopped to visit the sceanic views of Mark Twain Lake near Hannibal, MO, USA. This area offers natural habitats fir many little and large creatures including the migratory birds. You may not be able to see them, … Continue reading The Wild Preserves of Mark Twain Lake

Destination: Jeju Island!

Life as a Corona Virus Nomad With both the US listing China 🐼 on threat level ‘don’t go‘ and our employer recommending ‘stay away until further notice‘ . . . the message seemed pretty clear even for those of us who sometimes miss the signs. 🧐 So once our Dongdaemun hotel (review coming!) reservation was expiring, we turned our eagle eyes to something much. . … Continue reading Destination: Jeju Island!