BHC Chicken N Beer!

Checking out BHC for their chicken ‘n beer menu! It’s quite tasty and a great evening hangout! The owner recommended this chicken – spicy sweet n’ sour. Delicious with a good fry (always an important factor in fried chicken!) It was a really fun restaurant, kind of like a local pub. ❀ Came with radishes and popped rice snacks too. There were lots of chickenπŸ” … Continue reading BHC Chicken N Beer!

Mung Bean Pancakes!

As proclaimed food appreciators, we had to test out the Korean Street food. Mung Bean and pork mung bean pancakes! Tried the pork one and it was pretty good! Kind of like a hashbrown texture? Very onion and potatoesque πŸ‘ These pancakes were cooked fresh at the street stall in Namdaemun, Seoul. πŸ‡°πŸ‡· Have you ever tried mung bean? What’s your thoughts?!? Continue reading Mung Bean Pancakes!