BHC Chicken N Beer!

Checking out BHC for their chicken ‘n beer menu! It’s quite tasty and a great evening hangout!

The owner recommended this chicken – spicy sweet n’ sour. Delicious with a good fry (always an important factor in fried chicken!)

It was a really fun restaurant, kind of like a local pub. ❤ Came with radishes and popped rice snacks too. There were lots of chicken🐔 variations (spicy, cheese powder covered, black olive) and side dishes.

These were cheese powder covered cheese balls. It was a little sweet actually. . . best dipped in the chicken sauce. Not our favorite, might try the fries next time.🤔

If you’re in #Seoul, give it a try! The night atmosphere was fun and upbeat. Quite charming really. Kind of a bistro sort of feel.

Directions (🗺️) We tried the one in Chungmuro — Take Exit 2, turn right and walk a couple blocks (it’s before Burger King). It’s on the corner with a few steps leading up and then a doorway going down to the lower floors.

You can check out their other locations too!

Cost (💰): (Pricey) ~ $19 (chicken) + $8 (2 bottles Cass beer) +$6 (cheese balls).

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