SeaBong Restaurant

After a long day travailing the Olle Trail of Seogwipo, Jeju – we decided it was time for a great meal! We earned those calories! 🀣

We were checking out restaurants in the vicinity and came across a well-recommended SeaBong Restaurant.


We decided to check it out — and the bus driver said he would get us within ‘walking distance’ 😊 He even gets out and points us in the right direction! So sweet! 😍

Up we trek. . . no restaurant.

We had discovered that there were two addresses:

  • Seabong Kitchen (per Facebook) at μ œμ£Όμ„œκ·€ν¬μ‹œμ„œκ·€λ™475-2λ²ˆμ§€ Seogwipo 697841
  • Seabong Kitchen (per TripAdvisor) at 403, Taepyeong-ro, Seogwipo, Jeju Island 63595 South Korea

The difference is minor — but one is 475-2 and one is at 403 (several blocks earlier).

We didn’t actually realize this until later and stopped at the 403 address because it was a lot closer to the bus stop 🀣

There was no restaurant at 403 — but we did find SeaBong Cafe across the street in a much smaller shop. We’re not entirely sure that what we visited was the right SeaBong — but it was in the vicinity and seemed right?

If this is the correct shop — it appears they have downsized quite a bit. If not, we apologize and ask for the proper directions πŸ€£πŸ€”

The stores are actually a step below the sidewalk, so we had to peak in the doors to see if it was open. It was!

A charming lady opens the β€œsliding door” and pulls us in.

There are 3 tables and we are the only customers for a while (the lack of tourists is really hurting Jeju).

We’re used to judging a great cafΓ© by the number of visitors — so we were a little iffy at first, but were too hungry to go back πŸ½πŸ˜€ And it was cute!

Cost (πŸ€‘): The prices were high for us, but it wasn’t like we could nan-chalantly mosey back out, lol. So we picked two things to share and called it an adventure! The menu wasn’t what the reviews had mentioned — but again, we’re not sure it’s the same place. . . πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‹

Lasagna and chicken enchiladas! Wow! Delish! The lasagna actually tasted like home and we mean that sincerely. Yum!

Enchiladas were SPICY (just the way Liv likes ’em!)

The food was good, the atmosphere was nice, and the people were very friendly. All in all a great visit!

Leaving was a bit difficult, lol. We though we could catch the bus stop we cam ein on, but it is a rare bus and the next one wasn’t on the schedule at all.

Instead you go to the ‘corner, turn left and walk for about 6 minutes to Bus 201 by the market.’ Sounds easy enough! Off we go. . . straight uphill. It is only not a 90 degree incline because people can’t walk up a 90 degree incline. 🀣 It was about 5 blocks.

Eventually we made it! Four locals had to pull out their phones to get a consensus on where to send us, but we made the bus with 1 minute to spare. Thank you peoples of Jeju!

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