More of The Olle Trail

We were determined to finish the trail we began yesterday – at the very end we had passed a trail leading down onto the rocks with pools and wanted to check it out! So we decided to reverse the bus trip and pick up where we left off.

Our excursion the day before didn’t result in food but we did pass an McD on the way home at a major roundabout. We decided to grab breakfast and pick up the bus to the train there. Not exactly health food, ,but we weren’t picky by this point. 🍟

Of course, when you’re on a big roundabout- things never look the same, so we had to figure out which bus stop to catch. πŸ˜‚πŸ½ The bus we caught the day before apparently was a – once in a blue moon – sort of thing, so we had to find a new bus. A delightful, charming, helpful Korean guy stopped and pointed out a β€œquicker” connection at a different stop.

Followed the directions — but it was the wrong stop πŸ˜‚ So changed directions again and . . . hooray we’re on! Had to slam the button fast at our stop 4 stations later – the bus driver paused for no man!

Except not hooray. . . because it dumped us off at a tea shop at the TOP of the hill and no where close to the trail. πŸ€” Tea shop lady said ‘No Bus! Walking’. . . . apparently we turn the corner and walk to the trail. Well, that means it is close, sortta? We think. πŸ˜‹

So off we traipsed down the mountain to the trail! We thinked wrong – not particularly ‘close’ but not too bad either, so long as we aren’t walking BACK up it later! Seriously steep incline . . . but the view was fascinating. The hill is scattered with burial grounds – some old, some newer. Often encircled with these large rock enclosures built from volcanic rock off the island. Never seen so much rock . . .!

The ancient burials are a very cool cultural relic that we wish Jeju Island would preserve and highlight.

Halleluiah! πŸ₯³The Trail. Off we head to down the Olle Train once again!

W were looking for that place we passed the day before to go and climb on the rocks. It looks like a lot of fun and full of adventure – Can’t Wait!

Down the stairs we headed – lot’s of ‘beware – slippery steps’ signs and we’re pretty sure the stairs were built by giants. Feels a bit like hobbits walking down an elven path. πŸ˜‚ But the rocks and pools are straight ahead – a few people are always climbing around. Though not too many — the corona virus is still impacting tourism around here.

The area is completely open – walk and climb wherever you want. There are a few barriers where rocks still fall of the cliffs, but otherwise people are climbing all over the place.

The pools are this stunning turquoise / aquamarine color with fascinating pockets of moss and algae where the water is still. It’s clear the area fills up at high tide, so we want to get all our climbing in now!

For Liv, this is her first time rock climbing and the first time for both of us to wander around on the volcanic fields. The rocks are sharp if you fall, but have many great handholds to pull yourself up with. The height made Liv a little dizzy, but the view was worth it.

It was getting a little late so we headed back up the stairs and onto the trail. Met some fellow travelers headed down – told them about the rock climbing and wished them fun travels! Up we went.

We made it back up faster than expected! Maybe all this hiking is getting us in better shape 🀣

Our trail suddenly dead-ends. It’s on the map, but not in front of us. Oh dear! There’s supposed to be a harbor town with coffee shops and restaurants overlooking the water! Where did it go!? πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Kinda hard to misplace an entire port!

Figured out we were on the wrong path — time to follow the trail through town and catch the road down to the port. We even ran into a man riding his horse🐴 and a big yellow dog 🐢 sleeping in the driveway!

No horse picture – he was nervous!

We were scaring the horse trying to cross the bridge, so we stopped and had a lovely chat with his rider — he used to live and studied in San Francisco! Whenever you travel (especially as a nomad when life is so uncertain), it is wonderful to meet someone who can talk about familiar things.

We kept expecting to find another bus stop. . . no such luck. But we did catch a C-Store and stock up on water! πŸ™πŸ™ The city itself has a great atmosphere and spirit — lots of street art and graffiti decorated walls. Very bright colors and a cheerful personality.

Now the port is just around the corner and down. . . . down. . . down. . . ‘a ways.’ We’ve heard that before. πŸ˜‹πŸ€£

Finally we arrive at the port! Saeseom Island, here we come!

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