Kkatte Coffee – Jeju Island

We recently moved to a new location, and went in pursuit of coffee and necessities shopping this morning.

Ended up in a small town Pyoseon (표선) about 45 minutes away by bus. Stumbled on this neat little second-story coffee shop by the folk village stop.

Directions ⛱️

You can take several buses from Jeju International Airport (I recommend using KakaoMap in English). Bus 121 is a good one.

Take the bus to Jeju Seogwiposhi Pyoseonmyeon Pyoseonri (제주 서귀포시 표선면 표선리 44-14).

The bus will let you off in front of the Jeju Folk Village (historical looking buildings – 1 on map below). You can see Kkatte Coffee from there!

It’s a really sweet place offering coffee, chocolate, and fresh fruit drinks / ades. They have deserts as well – cake & cookies.

Best of all, the shop overlooks Pyoseon Beach and you can watch the waves rolling in! You’re actually on the side (the beach is horseshoe shaped) so you have a great view!

There’s some off-season improvement of the beach in front – ignore it. I’m sure it’ll be gone when the season hits 😊

Never seen waves from the side like this – actually like surfer waves (small, but still!)

Cost 💰: Moderate

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